BSL Business Innovation Week

Collaboration between Swiss Dragons and BSL (Business School Lausanne)

Business Innovation Week @ BSL (Business School Lausanne)

Business Innovation Week @ BSL (Business School Lausanne)

What is the event about:

For the last week of their academic term, the Business School Lausanne (BSL) Student Council organized a week dedicated to interactions between students and experienced professionals, known as the Business Innovation Week (BIW). Conferences were held on campus and company visits were organized in order to dive deeper into topics of common interest but also to touch on subjects that may not be part of their academic curriculum. The BSL Student Council invited Swiss Dragons to collaborate in the organization of one of the days of its BIW during the month of February 2020.

What is BSL acknowledged for:

Business School Lausanne (BSL) is located in Switzerland where it ranks #2 for its Master in International Business and #4 for its MBA in the QS Global Business Masters and MBA Rankings 2019 and has ACBSP-accredited degree programs for their BBA, Master, MBA, Executive MBA, and DBA programs.

Who were the speakers:

Specially dedicated to our Swiss DragonsBSL collaboration, we received guests from Egypt, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland, contributing to one full day of interaction and instruction.

Our speakers were business owners in the very discreet world of art and auctions, foreign university professors, advisors to governments, economists, fund managers and to top it off, an E-sport guru.

Dedicated blogs will follow.

Who was the audience:

Among the fifty-five students present during the BIW, one could only notice that our future business leaders of tomorrow surrounded us; coming from every continent, speaking more than fifteen different languages, Business School Lausanne’s students actively engaged with the speakers brought forth by Swiss Dragons.

Members of BSL Student Council: Arshia Soltani and Stanislav Khakimov

Special Thanks to:

Thanks to Arshia Soltani, President of BSL Student Council, Stanislav Khakimov and all the members of The BSL Student Council as well as David Kibbe, Head of BSL’s Dean’s Office, for making this possible.

2020 Student Council BSL Lausanne

I wish to specially thank Stanislav Khakimov for his courtesy, pleasant interpersonal skills and sharp conversation during our common flight where we met for the first time. It was there, during the time of the flight, in the air, where his idea to join our forces and networks became this wonderful collaboration during the BSL Business Innovation Week! 

Top ranking MBA university in Switzerland

Personal impression:

While talking with our hosts, we at Swiss Dragons, and among the guest speakers, were all impressed to witness how BSL’s students were positively impacted having chosen BSL to prepare themselves for their future careers and how BSL fulfilled each of their specific needs by organizing tailor made programs.