Fulfilling A Destiny of Two Nations

ADVISORY BOARD - Mikhail Shamil Orlov

An Introduction to Mikhail Shamil Orlov

An Introduction to Mikhail Shamil Orlov

Educated by his two exiled parents to serve their/his “Homelands,’’ respectively Russia and Egypt, he dedicated every effort in his life to construct, bring support and add value to the nations that accepted his energy, values and unconditional services.


After a career in private equity in Russia, Mikhail Orlov created one of the biggest crop farms in Russia, where he acquired proven skills of management in difficult environments, developed an incredible network of professionals across the world, traveling extensively and proved that he could successfully transform his dream of giving new life to local agricultural production by transforming them into intelligent, tangible and functioning business success stories.


In this video, you see Mikhail Orlov sharing his views and experience with the Head of the Russian State on the importance of seeds in the context of food security and genetic sovereignty. At the end of the exchange, Mikhail Orlov offers to the President his services to the Nation.

G with Russian delegation in Cairo

Russian-Egypt Business Council and Russian delegation headed by Dvorkovich in Cairo

Half a year later, Russia took on Mikhail Orlov as Chairman of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council.  This is a big responsibility, where his objective is to develop the commercial relationships between these two important nations, which currently have very limited trade and cross-investments volumes.

Today, Mikhail Shamil Orlov is very regularly in Egypt to support the relations between business people, strengthening the cooperation of Russian and Egyptian projects at the highest political, financial and technical levels. The Russian-Egyptian Business Council is co-organizing with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade a Business Mission to Cairo for Russian and Egyptian companies to meet and find mutually-interesting opportunities.


Mona Khalil, Mohamed Elbadri and Mikhail Shamil Orlov

Mona Khalil, Mohamed Elbadri and Mikhail Shamil Orlov


Swiss Dragons is delighted to have Mikhail Shamil Orlov on its Advisory Board to advise for and support projects in Egypt and in Russia and in any questions related to food security and the food chain including agriculture and food processing.