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Elevate awarness to raise world dignity

[VIDEO-EN] Evgenia Zehnder on a Soviet Georgian Artist, Cornelius Sanadze

ArtDynasty presents 4 masterpieces of a Soviet Georgian Artist, Cornelius Sanadze, exemplary of Soviet Art yet individually expressive from his own convictions. Soviet Artists had to illustrate and develop dictated Soviet ideology and policy in order to uplift the morale of the people in support of their Soviet Government. Sanadze’s “Orange Collectors” is a prime Read More

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[VIDEO-EN] Evgenia Zehnder on a Beloved Georgian Artist, Vano Meliashvili

ArtDynasty is a fine arts gallery currently exhibiting over 50 paintings, mostly Georgian artists who developed the topic of “Woman.” Among Evgenia’s favorite Georgian artists is Vano Meliashvili who is a follower of a famous self-taught Georgian artist, Niko Pirosmani. Meliashvili typifies Georgian Primitivism and Naïve art style. Both artists remained true to their principles of Read More

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