Access to Education for All & Food Security

Jordan PPP

Two Private Publique Projects in Jordan 🇯🇴

Two Private Publique Projects in Jordan 🇯🇴

Here you have a first short presentation of each targeted topic, the first being in Education and the second being in Food Security

  • Access to Education for All:

Our client takes advantage of the existing technologies, thus wants to dedicate itself to virtual distance learning networks, linking selected universities’ classrooms with students equipped with immersive learning equipments.

Our client’s Foundation is to finance scholarships for students world wide in Germany, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Jordan, with an hub in the United Arab Emirates.

At the present moment, we are selecting Universities to partner with, for September 2023 programs.

  • Food Security :

Our client believes in Aquaponics Fish Farming to secure population’s food security with simple and existing technologies.

At the present moment, we have selected our technology partner to be the Swiss based company Nereid SA and endeavor to set up our first Middle Eastern project in the industrial zone of Aqaba, the multi millennium culture and historical Southern province of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

More updates will follow, shortly.