[VIDEO] The Soul Maker of Bronze: Igor Ustinov

Be ready to meet the world famous sculptor

[VIDEO] The Soul Maker of Bronze: Igor Ustinov

Welcome to Igor Ustinov’s studio…

igor ustinov - SDM

Igor Ustinov – SDM Copyright

Where he transforms his thoughts into his destined material, bronze, from “stepping stones” of wax, plaster and clay.

 “ Just like the Samurai who infuses his spirit into his sword, so does Igor Ustinov, who tempers his labile metal into the uplifting bronze sculptures that expresses the poetry of his soul.”
Come meet and appreciate an artist, a master sculptor… who conveys the beauty of bronze as only a lover can.
Swiss Dragons is honored to introduce you to Igor Ustinov’s sculptures at ArtDynasty Gallery, starting 10th June, 2016.
Stay tuned for more details.