[VIDEO] Myriam Bongard guides you through the feminine exhibit “Woman in Art: Muse or Model?”

“Woman in Art: Muse or Model?”

[VIDEO] Myriam Bongard guides you through the feminine exhibit “Woman in Art: Muse or Model?”

Come traverse Geneva’s Old Town into a new art gallery, ArtDynasty Gallery, guided by its Director, Myriam Bongard.

artdynastyDo discover the visual surprises as colorful and diverse as Spring time inspires its artists from Georgia and Russia to celebrate its human embodiment, captured in the current exposition “Woman in Art: Muse or Model?”

Many of these Georgian and Russian artists are new to visitors, like yourself, yet they delight the viewers for their celebration of the female energy in various aspects of life.

The artworks are of high quality, warranting fresh appreciation of the Georgian and Russian artists among newcomers who expand the cultural diaspora beyond their compatriots back home in Tbilisi and Moscow/St. Petersburg.unnamed

This first exposition of Georgian and Russian artists is just a preview of the large art collection that
will rotate quarterly for viewing and sale.

unnamed (3)Welcome to this inaugural experience of inspiring Georgian and Russian art!
You may delve further to consider acquiring such artworks, not just for personal pleasure but also for investment consideration.
Swiss Dragons has observed among its clientele that asset diversification lends itself to capital preservation and long term appreciation, especially when purchased at low valuations for emerging markets that are likely to trend stronger economically.

ArtDynasty’s Georgian artists may be appreciated in this context.