[VIDEO-EN] Evgenia Zehnder on a Beloved Georgian Artist, Vano Meliashvili

Exemplary of ArtDynasty Gallery’s “Woman in Art: Model or Muse?” exhibition

[VIDEO-EN] Evgenia Zehnder on a Beloved Georgian Artist, Vano Meliashvili

IMG_9465ArtDynasty is a fine arts gallery currently exhibiting over 50 paintings, mostly Georgian artists who developed the topic of “Woman.”

Among Evgenia’s favorite Georgian artists is Vano Meliashvili who is a follower of a famous self-taught Georgian artist, Niko Pirosmani. Meliashvili typifies Georgian Primitivism and Naïve art style.
Both artists remained true to their principles of developing their subjects with pure romantic approaches, simply but clearly within the context of life’s important stages.

For example with Meliashvili’s paintings displayed in ArtDynasty Gallery, we see Motherhood embodying family values in the context of a simple country lifestyle. This evokes memories of childhood when one returns to one’s origins.IMG_9462

Swiss Dragons hopes that viewers will embrace the romantic beauty and sentiments of ArtDynasty Gallery’s Georgian and Russian artworks as much as they are appreciated in their home countries.